New ICTS UK & Ireland solutions for the Aviation Industry post Covid-19

ICTS UK & Ireland is pleased to share its new modular solutions with the Aviation Industry. The solutions are designed to assist in ensuring staff and passenger safety post the Covid-19 pandemic.

CPMPHOENIX - An advanced passenger screening solution with bio signs detection and biometrics for airlines.

RAPIDE SYSTEM – An enhanced access control solution which uses thermal imaging and facial-recognition technologies to detect individuals across the airport whose body temperatures exceed threshold requirements.

SENTINEL KIOSK - A multi-functional kiosk designed to provide: rapid temperature readings of passengers; a self-service and touchless boarding method for passengers; facial recognition functions.

SOCIAL DISTANCING SOLUTION - A unique modular concept which brings together training, advanced AI and software into a managed service model. This allows airports and airlines to meet any new regulatory requirements relating to social distancing and sanitation.

Alan Dutt, Executive Director - Aviation Security Services, “We understand that airports and airlines require rapidly deployed holistic solutions that provide employees and passengers with the confidence that the Airport they are entering is controlled and safe. The ICTS Europe Group looks forward to seeing aircraft back in our skies and we are ready to adapt to the new realities of aviation post Covid-19.”

ICTS UK & Ireland’s post Covid-19 solutions are available on the Airport Operators Association’s website.