ICTS introduces a new Apprenticeship Scheme in collaboration with John Ruskin College

As part of its staff development programme, ICTS has introduced a series of new apprenticeship courses in conjunction with John Ruskin College in London. The current courses on offer focus on ‘Customer Service’, ‘Team Leading’ and ‘Security’.

“Our first workshop has taken place, during which our trainers familiarised themselves with the scheme and the assessment process; all trainers will be trained to be assessors. This initiative is a unique opportunity for our apprentices to gain the necessary skills to advance in the security industry, forging a long-term career.

One of the goals of ICTS is to heavily invest in our employees and give them opportunities to learn and grow as individuals allowing them to expand their field of knowledge. Our aim is to support and invest in anyone who chooses the ICTS family as their employer” said Sarina Reuben, Assistant Manager - Professional Services Department, ICTS UK & Ireland.

“ICTS takes pride in its professional and expert approach to security and it is specialist programmes such as the John Ruskin Apprenticeship scheme and the ICTS Chartered Management Institute Programme that fosters continuous learning in our teams. They encourage our staff to stretch themselves and strive for continuous improvement” said Alan Dutt, Executive Director – Business Assurance Department, ICTS UK & Ireland.