Congratulations to our 2021 ACS Pacesetters Security Officer of Distinction

Our very own, Joherul Hoque, was among the 12 Security Officers to win the 2021 ACS Pacesetters Security Officer of Distinction Award.

Joherul is an extremely capable, professional and experienced Security Officer based at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust. In the Autumn of 2020, a mental health patient at the Trust unfortunately launched a prolonged physical attack against three ambulance drivers and another patient. Working in the room next door, Joherul, heard what was happening and immediately rushed to their assistance. Once involved, Joherul became the central focus of the attack and sustained punches to his face. This did not stop him from keeping his composure, and when reviewing the harrowing body camera footage, it was very clear that his approach, body language, tone of voice and compassionate understanding of the patient, calmed and diffused the situation. Joherul’s selfless intervention put an end to the incident which could have spiralled quickly out of control and with disastrous consequences.

ICTS joins the rest of the security community in commending the exceptional work of Joherul and the rest of the front-line Security Officers who have gone above and beyond in their duties during the past year.

The virtual Awards ceremony, held on Wednesday 16 June 2021, can be viewed here: click here.

For the full video of ICTS’ presentation ceremony please see below: