Case Studies

Lloyd Wilson

Lloyd Wilson

Lloyd joined our ICTS Aviation Team at Bristol Airport in April 2016 as a Security Compliance Officer, a role he retained until the Covid-19 pandemic struck. Lockdown and travel restrictions brought aircraft to a halt, directly impacting our Aviation Teams.

Well over a hundred of our Aviation personnel, including Lloyd, retrained to gain their SIA licences in order to assist with the growing business of our Corporate Security Division. One such business area was the distribution/logistics sector which Lloyd joined as a Security Officer.

The work, shift patterns and demands were a world apart from the Airport environment Lloyd had become accustomed to during the last four years. The role that Lloyd carried out at Bristol Airport included assisting passengers and patrolling the vast area of airport property, carrying out routine checks on aircraft, perimeter fence lines, gates and doors and testing vital aviation security technology. Lloyd is now responsible for preventing financial loss for a market-leading commercial giant, which is all about monitoring access control and deterring, detecting, and analysing any potential security threats.

Lloyd recalls his transition from Aviation to Corporate Security and working for two very different ICTS clients, as being “very smooth”. He points out that the “flexibility within the ICTS Divisions has helped him with his career move”.

“Working in the security industry is very rewarding and, in many ways, exciting too! To have the opportunity to protect extremely valuable assets is a huge responsibility for anyone to take on, but to do this whilst creating a close relationship with the clients and maintaining the professional image of the company you work for, can be extremely invaluable to you and your company.”

Lloyd’s work motto: “Work Hard! Stay Sharp! Be Proud!”

Lloyd’s can-do and positive attitude has not gone un-noticed and his contribution to ICTS is valued.