Our Directors

Our Directors


ICTS is recognised as a leading supplier of security, and related services in some of the most demanding and high profile environments throughout the country. One of the Company’s primary assets is its ability to adapt and evolve, quickly developing new strategies in order to meet the challenges of an ever-changing business.

Over the past three decades, ICTS has built an operational network that covers more than 20 countries. ICTS has accumulated extensive experience in the management of global security contracts. 

The performance and development of employees and managers within ICTS, at all levels, is closely and carefully monitored. This enables us to identify the most promising individuals, and so provide the resources and opportunities needed to maximise individual potential. Most management within ICTS have been identified, recruited or developed in this way. As a result, they are able to demonstrate in-depth commitment to the goals and operating philosophy of ICTS, with the necessary experience and personal ambition to achieve individual potential.

ICTS is committed to "redefining the security partnership" and is moving away from rigid, commoditised, deeply contractual service provision to one in which agility is key, and where the ever-changing needs of our customers can be best supported by ICTS managing the RISK, enhancing RESILIENCE and ensuring COMPLIANCE for our customers, all delivered under a banner of customer service excellence. This new way of treating the security partnership, means we will become engaged with and embedded in your organisation and culture, not just contracted into your supply chain.

We constantly reach for higher grounds through improvement; ICTS looks forward to the future with enthusiasm and optimism.

Andy Kynoch
Managing Director
ICTS (UK) Limited