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ICTS Training Services

ICTS deliver a wide range of training programmes for our own personnel and those of our clients.

ICTS trainers are appropriately certified within their own fields and are fully qualified in accordance with SIA & PSA requirements.

ICTS instructors have all been selected for their teaching ability and their practical experience in a broad range of sectors.  

ICTS has a dedicated Product Quality Control and Training Department and a wealth of professional consultants who are able to assess your exact training requirements, produce relevant modules and integrate them into our training programmes.

As well as being approved to deliver and assess a range of Edexcel and NOCN qualifications, ICTS also offers a number of bespoke training programmes, seminars and workshops which cover topics such as personal security, property security, practical health and safety, bomb threat awareness and the effective use of technology.

Working in close consultation with its clients, ICTS training development staff design and build programmes tailored to the exact requirements of each individual organisation. The end products are modular training packages which provide individuals and clients' staff with relevant, practical knowledge and skills which are directly applicable to the area for which they have been developed. These packages therefore represent a much more effective way of raising security awareness, rather than simply presenting a series of 'generic theories'.

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