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TRAVELDOC - Computerised Travel Document Verification System

ICTS TravelDoc verifies passengers' international travel documentation. It checks documentation against any travel rules applied by the authorities in transit and destination countries and quickly delivers a clear Go / No Go decision.


  • Financial: Avoid immigration fines and eliminate deportation and other related costs.
  • Operational: Reduce passenger-processing time and facilitate a smoother travel of passengers.
  • Security: Assist in the identification of fraudulent documents.
  • Customer Relations: Spare passengers from an embarrassing deportation process that may result from innocent, unintentional mistakes and allow carriers agents to focus on providing a better service to passengers by relieving them from documentation related stress.


  • Document Verification. Employ a large database of travel documents, immigration rules and travel definitions that are continuously and automatically updated.
  • Decision Support. Provide immediate Go/No Go indications with short and concise details of the documentation required for each passenger's itinerary.
  • Customise and Optimise. Add Health and Customs modules (firearm and pets) and create airline specific rules.
  • Comprehensive Reports Review detailed transaction logs and usage statistics to monitor performance and incidents.
  • Enhance Security. Easily check documents with Doc Alert - a database of over 2.5 million stolen or missing travel documents.
  • Easy Integration. Seamlessly integrate with any reservation system and extend existing website services

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