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ICTS SMU is a comprehensive security management suite that allows you to record, monitor, report and analyse a site's security activities and incidents.

It is designed to meet the needs of a field officer and includes a fully integrated patrol monitoring system.


  • Financial: No installation needed, short set-up period required.
  • Operational: Compile detailed records on each day's activities and co-ordinate and plan diaries.
  • Security: Take full control of all security related incidents.
  • Customer Relations: Enhance service levels.


Intuitive Setup. Quickly and easily set-up site structures, including buildings, departments, floors, rooms and gates. Assign access permissions, plan duty diaries for one-off or reoccurring events with popup notification.

Detailed Logging. Audit activities and incidents including location, date/time, status, category (Criminal/Non Criminal Offences, Non-Security Incidents), witnesses, police, recipients, and follow-ups.

Comprehensive Reporting. Use built-in reporting and chart tools or customise reports to meet unique requirements.

Integrated Patrol System. Create, track and manage patrol routes using hand held devices. Define checkpoints and remote points and integrate patrol reports with site reports.

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