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Real-time Service Monitoring of Aircraft Turnaround

QuickTurn is an innovative solution designed to provide airline management with real-time information on the performance of their suppliers, ensuring that the agreed level of service is maintained.

Using PDA devices, the arrival and departure – to and from aircraft – of each of the airlines service providers can be recorded. The performance levels of service providers operating in the terminal area, such as handling agents, for example, can also be recorded and monitored. The information is then instantly synchronized to the server, allowing management to monitor the activities of their service providers at any given time, from any location.


  • Remote management – Real-time central control, through a web application, of all aircraft/flight services at multiple airports, regardless of the controller’s location.
  • Synchronization of the data collected from each PDA onto the website (via Wi-Fi or GPRS)
  • Configuration of data fields for PDA’s
  • Flags critical service issues, allowing carriers to pre-empt or minimize delays
  • Optional event recording by RFID tags
  • Customizable
  • BlackBerry implementation for supervision in the field
  • Large buttons for use without stylus
  • PDA inventory control enables quick blocking of lost PDA’s


  • Improving carriers’ ability to monitor suppliers’ Service Level Agreements and avoid inaccurate reporting and overbilling by service providers
  • Allows for gathering and analysis of statistical data for service improvement
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface
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