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ICTS' Employee Validation System was developed in response to the European Commission's 2004 legislation requiring airport staff to undergo security-screening checks when entering restricted airport zones. In support of this, ICTS has launched a web-enabled service, which allows airports/airlines to security-screen their employees by checking them against the TSA NF-SL (no-fly and selectee) Watchlist. The new system comprises of three integrative elements:

  • A web-enabled database in which ICTS maintains and regularly updates Watchlist details
  • A sophisticated, secure conversion programme, able to run an automated search of employees' names against the content of the TSA Watchlist and return results with 'Match Found' indication
  • Governments, and other sources transferring online information on a 24/7 basis

To take advantage of this service, employees' names are entered into the Employee Validation System. The relevant information is automatically extracted from the list and checked against the latest version of the TSA NF-SL Watchlist. The result will appear on the web site, each employee's name individually indicated with the result of the search.

If no match is found, the employee is classified as 'cleared'. However, if a match is found on the database, the system will send an alert and allow retrieval of the actual details that appear on the TSA list e.g. DoB, gender, nationality, etc. to facilitate elimination or further investigation.

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