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ICTS MCAST is a recruitment tool that allows you to identify ideal candidates early on in the recruitment process and significantly reduce the recruitment of front line employees who prove to be unsuitable.

With just a standard PC and a printer, MCAST can bring cost savings for the business, as well as an improvement in staff retention levels.

Based on job analysis, MCAST allows you to create a series of computerised tests used to evaluate a candidate's performance against a specific set of required skills and characteristics.

MCAST has been developed in line with psychometric testing 'best practice' and the unique computerised system enables in-house operation and result analysis without direct professional assistance.


  • Financial: Increase recruitment effectiveness and improve productivity.
  • Operational: Improve training success and reduce employee turnover.
  • Security: minimise workplace errors.
  • Customer Relations: Enhance service levels to airlines and their clients.


Scaleable and Useable. MCAST will take approximately one hour to complete. Tests are non-verbal and can be used in an international environment.

User Friendly. Tests are easy to complete and require no specific technical ability or experience on behalf of the candidate.

Workplace Oriented. Role analysis ensures that an employer has tests tailored to the specific needs of the position being recruited for.

Comprehensive Assessment. Some of the abilities measured by MCAST include:

  • Ability to visualise objects in 3D
  • Memory and attention span
  • Quick & accurate performance of routine & repetitive tasks
  • Attention to detail whilst working within a time constraint
  • Analytical and abstract thinking abilities
  • Negative image comprehension
  • Response to pre-set scenarios
  • Interaction and inter-personal communication abilities
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