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ICTS Eagle is an innovative Computer Based Training platform offering a unique combination of Aviation Security expertise, extensive training experience, the latest in CBT methodologies and state-of-the-art technology.

In addition to our industry-leading X-ray and HBS screening courses, the Eagle CBT platform supports a wide range of security training programmes based, among others, on the ICAO curriculum. These include:

  • GSAT/SIDA – Airport Security Awareness Training
  • DetAct - Identification of individuals, based on suspicious signs and irregularities in the appearance and behaviour
  • PRM – Persons with Reduced Mobility
  • Security Agent Training – Basic security agent course for the civil aviation sector
  • Travel Documentation – To ensure compliance in checks of travel documentation
  • Cargo (Procedures and Documentation)
  • Dangerous Goods – Handling and Shipping of dangerous goods process
  • ID-Match - Passenger identity verification training
  • Passenger Screening Course “Body Search”
  • Hand Search for Bags Course
  • Maritime Ship Security Officers Training
  • Vehicle Search – advanced security inspections for vehicles entering restricted zones
  • Customised Courses - Specially Tailored Courses

Each course offers a unique combination of state of the art interactive and rich media technologies based upon teaching strategies developed from extensive training experience and aviation security expertise.

Developed by aviation security professionals for aviation security professionals.


  • Financial: Reduce training costs and reduce training downtime whilst enhancing productivity.
  • Operational: Employ a flexible architecture that is suitable for stand-alone workstations or a network client-server configuration.
  • Security: Dramatically enhance a trainee's effectiveness as only real bag images generated by real x-ray machines are used.
  • Customer Relations: Personalise the learning path to provide a tailored and more enjoyable learning experience adapted to a user profile and past performance.


  • Unrivalled Expertise. Designed and developed by ICTS Europe, a world leader in the provision of aviation security services, employing thousands of X-Ray screeners worldwide, in conjunction with QinetiQ, a world leader in computerised X-ray training and performance monitoring.
  • Accurate Simulations. Optimised learning experience through accurate representations of the work environment.
  • Interactive and Comprehensive. Fully interactive recurrent modular training, including exercise and testing modules with a student interface that accurately simulates an X-ray machine control terminal.
  • Knowledge and Certification Tests. Multiple choice questions to assess understanding of theoretical material and capability to detect concealed threats.
  • Performance Tests. Use real bag images to assess practical ability to determine the presence and nature of threat items.
  • Extensive Image Library. Threat and innocent item library with thousands of X-ray images generated by various manufacturers' machines.
  • Course Content Development. Includes a user-friendly authoring tool, which gives the system administrator full independence and control over training content including; creation and update of courses, lessons, presentations, tests, multimedia and X-ray images.
  • Import / export. Move a trainee's data and course content to and from remote stations and classrooms.
  • Localisation of Course Content. Customisable training settings in line with local regulations and procedures including support for multilingual content (LTR/RTL MS-Windows-supported language).
  • Detailed Reports and Student monitoring. Keep track of a trainee's performance over time and identify training needs on an individual and group level.
  • Additional courses. Including:
    • General Security Awareness
    • Detect - Appearance & Behaviour
    • Security Agent Training
    • Travel Documentation
    • Cargo

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