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APIS Solutions

ICTS Europe Systems, a global leader in the processing and screening of passengers, offers a range of APIS solutions that cater to any and all APIS requirements that are imposed on carriers. ICTS APIS solutions are Compliant with ALL APIS Schemes worldwide using different modes of operations.

ICTS APIS solutions are simple to manage, and quick to deploy. They have been proven over the course of the last 5 years, serving over 40 carriers, covering numerous routings, dealing with tens of millions of passenger transactions every year.

All in all, ICTS APIS systems are designed to relieve carriers from all present and future APIS hassle. It is the ideal response of carriers to the ever growing number of governments trying to export their borders and impose inconsistent non-coordinated APIS regulations. 


  • Master Crew List (in sync. with Crew APIS submissions to the United States)
  • Watchlist: TSA's No-Fly/Selectee lists; Canada's SPL watchlist; carrier specific watchlist
  • Travel Documents Verification


  • Non-interactive & interactive APIS
  • (AQQ and others)
  • Batch & online APIS
  • Passenger APIS
  • Crew APIS (including MCL)
  • Comprehensive, Global APIS Solution
  • Interfaces with all carrier systems holding APIS data (DCS / reservations / etc)


  • Compliant with the APIS requirements of all existing APIS schemes, including the United States, Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, China, India, and many more.
  • Single solution for all present and future APIS issues now and in the future.
  • Submit to multiple countries simultaneously.
  • Simple and immediate solution for mechanized collection of APIS data.
  • Quickly deployed (within days)
  • Optional - No-fines guarantee
  • Save costs- implement only the elements you need at the stations you want.
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