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Mass Transit


ICTS has approved-trainer status in the UK and a worldwide reputation as leading ISPS consultants; port and ship security specialists, and supply chain and border security experts.

ICTS covers every aspect of maritime security, from formal ISPS Code Assessments and Plans, assistance with training, procurement, exercises and drills, through to implementation of measures, and operation of a security regime on a day-to-day basis.

ICTS has a full array of maritime security products. These include not only screening, guarding, patrolling and access control, but also innovative solutions to freight screening, integration of security with other processes to improve economy, and equipment lease.

Maritime Security Services include:

  • Assistance to client in getting started: recruitment and training of operational staff, writing manuals and security plans, developing procedures
  • Port and Ship Security Assessments: vulnerability assessments, security surveys and advice on counter-measures
  • Financial Arrangements: including provision of equipment on lease
  • Screening of people and their personal effects: cruise ship passengers, crew and visitors, and at entry to port facilities when required. Use of hand-search, metal detectors and X-ray machines, including advanced techniques such as Threat Image Projection
  • Landside and Seaward Protection: for ships and port facilities, including counter-piracy advice, measures and equipment
  • Monitoring of CCTV and Intruder Detection Systems (e.g., Smart Fence): security patrolling, with guard dogs if required
  • Manning of access control point to port facilities
  • Vehicle screen/search on entry to port facilities. Screening of freight, stores and vehicles using ICTS Europe's unique RASCargO™ product, for ship's stores, cargo containers and lorries, coaches and cars on ferries.
  • Emergency Planning, including crisis management and business continuity

Rail and Road

ICTS offersa full array of mass transit security products which include screening, guarding, patrolling and access control, as well as innovative solutions to freight screening and the integration of security with other processes to improve economy and efficiency.

A natural progression from our aviation security origins, ICTS provides some of the country’s largest rail organisations with a suite of support, on-board, terminal and track services, onboard revenue collection, car park management systems, terminal security, passenger and baggage screening, behavioural analysis training for rail staff as well as the provision of customer assistance agents. ICTS can provide a complete transport security solution.

We achieve our goals by creating sophisticated yet economically feasible security services. We integrate various measures and elements of personnel, technology, procedures, information and management. Our systems are designed to identify risks and meet security requirements without compromising on operational and service objectives.

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