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Integrated Security & Customer Service Personnel Functions

Our goal is to provide a security service that enhances any organisation's ability to achieve their business objectives. Specialising in complex, open access and public facing organisations, ICTS aims to maintain an environment where working activities can go undisrupted by loss, criminal activity and the arrangements set in place to prevent this.

Academic: Since 1993, ICTS has worked with academic institutions to improve security whilst maintaining a safe and pleasant environment to work and study in. This work has ranged from the provision of personnel to participating in the design of new buildings and managing Halls of Residence to the development of entirely new academic driven products and services.

Aviation: ICTS is the largest provider of aviation security services in Europe. We provide services to airlines worldwide. ICTS provides total airport security services in many airports throughout Europe , have a presence in over 80 major airports and offer an extensive array of passenger and cargo security services. In one way or another, our services are involved in providing security for millions of flights every year.

In the UK and Ireland, we offer our clients a nation-wide network of stations covering the entire country, with the manpower, training, infrastructure and technology resources required to undertake any type of work, anywhere, any time and of any scope. Complemented by ICTS' experience, technological innovations, dedication and professionalism, we offer a high quality, cost-effective, best value for money service.

Corporate: As well as delivering first rate security, ICTS has presented the 'public face' of many corporate clients for more than fifteen years. Providing security officers, secure reception, concierge, escorts, 'clean & search', porters, drivers, and many more positions, ICTS has successfully adapted our services to meet the changing demands of clients.

Financial: We help financial organisations to identify, prioritise, prepare for and guard against all types of security risks. With a combination of personnel, physical and technical measures, information security, and almost twenty five years experience, we understand the importance of providing truly integrated, seamless and continually vigilant security solutions.

Healthcare: Expanding upon experience gained securing academic environments, ICTS began to apply similar principles in the healthcare sector in 1999. Retaining a strong ethos of helpfulness and customer service, coupled with strict adherence to procedures, ICTS has enabled several major hospitals to improve security and increase the personal safety of personnel and patients.

Luxury and High Value Goods Security: ICTS provides a range of services developed specifically for the high value goods market. These include the discreet security of luxury goods for events, photo-shoots and shows, including personal protection of VIPs. We also offer secure, worldwide courier transportation services along with alarm response facilities, 24 hour key holding CCTV and surveillance.

Maritime: ICTS has a full array of maritime security products. These include not only screening, guarding, patrolling and access control, but also innovative solutions to freight screening, integration of security with other processes to improve economy, and equipment lease.

Rail & Road:A natural progression from our aviation security origins, ICTS provides some of the country's largest rail organisations with a suite of support, on-board, terminal and track services. Complimented by ticket inspectors, car park management systems and revenue collectors, ICTS provides a complete transport security solution.

We achieve our goals by creating sophisticated yet economically feasible security services. We integrate the various measures and elements of personnel, technology, procedures, information and management. Our systems are designed to identify risks and meet security requirements without compromising on operational and service objectives.

Shopping Centre & Retail: Understanding the importance of excellent customer service provision, we match personnel to each individual task - from reception, security and control room, to loading areas, car parks and warehouses. Our comprehensive and challenging training will equip those selected with the knowledge and practice to undertake their duties in an efficient, professional and courteous manner.

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