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Security Personnel

For any organisation, deciding to use an in-house or contract security team often equates to choosing between control and value.

ICTS has developed a unique security team solution, which enables our clients to enjoy the benefits of both. ICTS' can provide you with your own ‘in-house’ security team without you experiencing any of the problems that usually accompany such an undertaking.

ICTS recruit, vet, train, certify and license personnel who are solely dedicated to one organisation. Furthermore, these personnel work under an experienced on-site Contract Manager who is also dedicated to just one organisation – yours.

This service includes the professional support of ICTS' consultants in the development of procedures and the implementation of technical measures and security management systems, thus providing a comprehensive, integrated, tailored solution package.

As ICTS personnel are trained to each clients' specific needs, they fulfil far more than just security functions.

ICTS' security team solution enables organisations to establish their own 'hybrid' in-house security teams without experiencing the problems that usually accompany such an undertaking. Furthermore, it ensures the organisation benefits from:

  • Complete control over rates of pay, assignments and service specification
  • Continuity and consistency in the level of service
  • Dedicated on-site management
  • Dedicated staff, selected in accordance with the organisation's specifications
  • Site-specific training
  • Full British Standard BS-7499 compliance (vetting, training, management, etc.)
  • Compliance with SIA Licensing legislation
  • Familiarity with the organisation, its objectives, activity and clients
  • Customer care focused service
  • ICTS' Open-Books policy
  • Regular auditing
  • Monthly incident statistics, crime analysis and performance reports
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