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Sniffer dogs for event security

Major events now demand a comprehensive quality-orientated approach to event security.

ICTS provide sniffer dogs and dog handlers to support all types of events where there are security and infrastructure challenges. It has been proven that an events security operation is more successful with the use of sniffer dogs because of their strong ability to detect drugs and explosives.

Our sniffer dogs and handlers are trained to detect drugs or explosives in public places, large crowds, buildings and open spaces.

Sniffer dogs are an asset in any large crowd at events to combat the terrorist and drug users or dealers that may attend such venues.  The physical presence is a deterrent in its own right. ICTS sniffer dogs and handlers work along the lines at the entrances and amongst crowds detecting visitors who have come into contact with any illegal substances, making it a safer place for everyone.

We can provide sniffer dogs for all types of events including:

  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Sporting events
  • Product launches
  • Private parties
  • Exhibitions
  • Corporate events
  • Media deployments

Major events now demand a comprehensive quality-orientated approach to event security and companies, more so now than ever, are turning to specialist Canine sniffer dog companies to support them in creating a safe and secure environment for their visitors.

At ICTS we understand that the preparations prior to your event is important. We will successfully plan and prepare for each event from a safety and security aspect to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible. Our Canine sniffer dogs and our handlers will support your operations allowing you to spend more time focusing on your business plans and the success of your events.


Why use sniffer dogs?

Sniffer dogs are extremely versatile, efficient and effective at what they do, which makes them an important asset to any event.

Canine sniffer dogs are better than humans at sucking in odours because their noses are longer and roomier than ours. They can also inhale more air per sniff and have 20-40 times more odour receptors in their noses than we do. They have the ability to separate individual smells and more importantly when there are dozens of other scents around.


ICTS Licences and Accreditations

ICTS hold the following licenses and accreditation to work at events:

  • BS 8517‐1: 2009 ‐ Security Dogs (for the use of General Purpose Security Dogs)
  • BS 8517‐2: 2010 ‐ Security Dogs (Drugs and Explosive Detection Dogs)
  • HABC approved trainers and have DBS & CTC clearance
  • ACPO (Association of Chief Security Officers) Accredited Dogs and Handlers
  • NASDU Inspected company members – National Association of Security Dog Users
  • All Dogs and Handlers are trained and accredited to ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) Standards at a Police Dog Training School
  • All Dogs and Handlers are accredited to relevant level of HABC (Highfield Awarding Body Council)
  • All Handlers are Security Officers, holding SIA Door Supervisor Licences


Find out more about our sniffer dogs for drug detection and sniffer dogs for explosive detection.

For information about ICTS Canine Services and how we can support you at your event with sniffer dogs and handlers, please contact Jed Marshall our Canine specialist on 0207 874 7576 or email jed.marshall_uk@icts.co.uk.

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