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Drug Sniffer Dogs

Sniffer Dog

The link between organised crime, terrorism and drugs is now fully acknowledged. ICTS Canine Services offers a proactive solution to counter drug activity in and around licensed premises, at events, in business premises, homes, schools and universities, working with clients to create safer environments.

The deployment of drug sniffer dogs, both proactive (buildings, areas and vehicles) and passive (for screening of people) offers clients a high profile solution to drug misuse.  Our Canine Services team work in partnership with individuals, drug action teams, town centre safety managers, HR Departments and Police Authorities.


Examples of drug sniffer dog assignments ICTS currently service are: 

  • Police Forces
  • Local Authorities
  • NHS
  • Hotels
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Pub watch schemes
  • Private individuals
  • Private prisons
  • Call centre operators
  • Shipping companies
  • Event promoters
  • Night time economy operators
  • Conference and exhibition centres


ICTS Service Quality
All our sniffer dogs at ICTS are highly trained to meet and exceed the highest standards of drug detection. ICTS’s commitment to service quality is demonstrated by our achievement of local and Government accreditation in many areas such as:

• BS 8517‐1: 2009 ‐ Security Dogs (for the use of General Purpose Security Dogs)
• BS 8517‐2: 2009 ‐ Security Dogs (Drugs and Explosive Detection Dogs)
• HABC approved trainers and have DBS & CTC clearance
• ACPO (Association of Chief Security Officers) Accredited Dogs and Handlers
• NASDU Members – National Association of Security Dog Users


Training of sniffer dogs for drug detection
All ICTS sniffer dogs undertake testing and retraining throughout their entire careers to make sure their skills are consistent and up to standard. We employ ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) accredited instructors who are qualified to teach explosive, drug, cash and firearms detection to Handlers and Dogs.


Why use sniffer dogs to detect drugs?
Sniffer dogs, also known as drug detection dogs are widely used for drug detection because of their ability to detect the slightest scent of an illegal substance. One of the main advantages to using drug detection dogs is that they are able to recognise individual scents even when they masked by other odours. Sniffer dogs are also trained to dismiss common odours such as food and human odours.


Other Canine Services
In addition to the detection of drugs and illegal substances, our Canine services department is able to provide sniffer dogs trained for other detection services including explosive bomb detection.


For advice and full information on available services please contact Jed Marshall on 07825 430190 (7am to 7pm only) or leave an out of hours message on 020 7874 7576 or email Jed.marshall_uk@icts.co.uk
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Full details and references on all our Canine Services are available on request.


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