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Canine Services


ICTS offer clients a full range of Canine Services which include: 

  • Security patrol dogs and handler services to ensure the protection of assets by providing professional Sniffer Dog and Handler teams to complement or replace existing security measures
  • Sniffer Dogs and Search Advisor services for explosive detection. Supporting companies across many industries who face a number of security challenges when it comes to providing a safe environment
  • Search Advisor and Sniffer Dog services for drug detection. Providing a proactive solution to counter drug activity in and around licensed premises, at events, in business premises, homes, schools and universities
  • Medical Detection Sniffer Dogs and Search Advisor services for bedbug detection. Working in partnership with Medical Detection Dogs we help to identify whether bedbugs are present prior to the need to involve the pest control experts to carry out any treatment that may be required
  • Training of Sniffer Dogs and Handlers. Our trainers are qualified to teach explosive, drug, cash and firearms detection
  • Research and Development services. Working in partnership with Government departments, private prisons and other companies on research projects to develop the use of Canine Sniffer Dogs for a range of operations and assignments


ICTS Sniffer Dog and Handlers: Training and Qualifications
It is important to select a Canine Service company who are well renowned for their services and have the right accreditation. All ICTS Sniffer Dogs and Handlers (Search Advisors) are trained and accredited to the highest possible standards to detect drugs, explosives and other contraband.

ICTS is BS 8517 Part 1 compliant and a NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users) Inspected Company. All Handlers are also trained Security Officers, holding SIA Door Supervisor Licences and all Sniffer Dogs and Handlers are HABC (Highfield Awarding Body Council) accredited.

Our Sniffer Dogs and Handlers are trained and accredited to ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) Standards at a Regional Police Dog Training School (this includes initial, refresher and continuation training).
ICTS is BS8517 Part 2 compliant and a NASDU Inspected Company.


Who are our clients?
ICTS work with a wide range of clients including; Louis Vuitton, NEC Birmingham, BBC, Historic Royal Palaces, EDF energy, BT, Canary Wharf Management , Middlesex University, Thomsonfly and many more.

ICTS provide a tailored Canine Service to a diverse range of industries and can work in any type of surrounding. Our client list includes companies in; Aviation, Events, Hotels, Education, Prisons, Police and Military, to name just a few, providing Canine sniffer dog services to help them to create safer environments.

Why choose ICTS for Canine Services?
ICTS are licensed by the Home Office to hold Controlled Substances and the Police to hold live explosives. This ensures that ICTS sniffer dogs are taught to find the real thing and not, as with many companies, ‘pseudo’ substances.
ICTS provides a bespoke service relevant to each client’s needs.

We hope our client list speaks for itself, and references are available on request. The ICTS Management team are available to discuss options and provide demonstrations of the Company’s capabilities.

For advice and full information on available services please contact Jed Marshall on 07825 430190 (7am to 7pm only) or leave an out of hours message on 020 7874 7576 or email Jed.marshall_uk@icts.co.uk

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