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REST / Rascargo Services

REST/RASCargO™ is the best way to clear outsize cargo, solving the problem caused by items that cannot be x-rayed or hand-searched. RASCargO™ has been approved for use by the Department for Transport and is the only commercial application of its kind to utilise the RASCO technique as a means of clearing cargo.

The process entails taking an air sample from the item to be screened. The sample is then taken to our nearest analysis unit where it is quickly tested. The result is faxed to the customer and if cleared for flight, a Consignment Security Certificate issued. With RASCargO™

  • Large, heavy and outsize cargo not able to be cleared by x-ray or hand search can be made "known" without going through the decompression process
  • We will come to your premises
  • The process is quick and non-intrusive
  • The remote air sampling can be performed even if the item is loaded on a vehicle or pallet
  • Once cleared, the cargo can be flown immediately (no holding time required)
  • Attractive screening rates apply (with further discount for regular high volumes) 

ICTS provides everything that is required - the trained personnel to carry out the procedure, the Sniffer Dogs and the equipment.

As well as offering a very effective means of cargo screening, RASCargO™ represents a real advance in several other areas. It is economical not least because no expensive infrastructure or equipment is required. Thanks to its speed, a high throughput can be obtained by a single analysis unit where a load can be cleared in minutes.

For rapid Response to your screening needs, call:
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