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Aviation Training

The aviation courses offered by ICTS are intended for every level and cover all relevant subjects. All ICTS aviation training programs, courses and seminars were developed by our Product Quality Control and Training Department in the form of special purpose kits containing the instructional materials, lesson plans and all the required training aids.

These kits can be found at all ICTS subsidiaries along with authorised instructors, experienced in conducting the programmes. The various training frameworks are regularly updated to ensure their continued adaptability to changing needs and procedural modifications.

ICTS courses have been adopted by a majority of the airlines and constitute a generic model in the industry.

With the aim of further enhancing its training capabilities, ICTS developed the Eagle™ Computer Based Training (CBT) product series, heralding a new standard in X-ray and security checkpoint operator training (both induction and recurrent training), as well as the pre-screening of applicants for such positions.

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