ICTS UK & Ireland
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ICTS provides a range of services to its airport clients ranging from full security services to PRM, lost & found, trolley management, vehicle management, car park security and customer services. ICTS provides all of the primary and ancillary security support functions required by the airport. This includes, but is far from limited to:

  • On-going Consulting Services
  • Hold Baggage Screening
  • Passenger Behaviour Analysis Services
  • Security Checkpoint
  • Central Search
  • PRM (Passengers with Reduced Mobility) Assistance
  • Lost & Found
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Cargo Control
  • Buildings and Perimeter security
  • Capital Funding  

ICTS is experienced in the design and implementation of turnkey solutions for Airports. These solutions consist of an in-depth risk analysis of the site; recommended solutions to respond to the potential risks; descriptions and technical specifications of required equipment; writing of procedures; personnel recruitment, screening, training and qualification; assistance in preparing civil aviation regulations and adapting them to international standards; etc.

In this area, ICTS has conducted international work for Aviation Authorities at numerous airports, participated in designing and inaugurating airports security programs and assisted in the development of systems used in security operations in both domestic USA and at international airports throughout the world.

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