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ICTS UK joins partners from academia, research and industry across Europe to develop an innovative security scanner

The EU FP7 Security project TeraSCREEN is developing an innovative security scanner using multi-frequency multi-mode Terahertz (THz) detection with new automatic detection and classification functionalities. The system will be demonstrated at a live security control point at Bristol Airport. This new technology will provide safe automatic detection and classification of objects concealed under clothing, whilst respecting privacy and increasing current throughput rates.  This innovative screening system is designed to combine multi-frequency images taken by passive and active imagers, which will scan the subjects and obtain complementary information, thus allowing for automatic threat recognition. 

Working on this project is a consortium of 11 partners from academia, research and industry across Europe. ICTS UK, as a potential end-user for this research project, holds several key roles: overseeing and actively participating in the specification phase for the system and the system tests; defining, managing and reporting on said system tests (including the pilot test at Bristol Airport); leading the project dissemination and communication efforts and coordinating the overall project.

The TeraSCREEN project has received research funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013).