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ICTS aims to be recognised as the premier provider of innovative security and customer-care focused services that are integrated and managed to support the objectives of its clients.


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Integrated Services

ICTS are specialists in the provision of integrated security and customer service functions, combining customer care and risk management.

Service Sectors – we provide Integrated Security & Customer Service Personnel Functions and our goal is to provide a security service that enhances any organisation's ability to achieve their business objectives. We specialise in complex, open access and public facing organisations
High Value and Luxury Goods Security – our range of services include the discreet security of luxury goods for events, photo-shoots and shows, including personal protection of VIPs. We also provide worldwide courier transportation services along with surveillance, alarm response facilities, CCTV and 24 hour key holding
Close Protection Officers – we can provide a team of Close Protection Officers dedicated to the delivery of personal protection
Technical and Physical Security Solutions – these include Barriers, Fencing, Detection systems, Bars, Grills, Shutters, Locks and Safes
SIA Licensing – our HR and Training Departments are equipped and certified to operate in full compliance with SIA regulations

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Electronic Security Systems

ICTS provide electronic security systems and is UKAS accredited by the SSAIB for the design, installation and maintenance of CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Alarm systems.

CCTV Systems – we will design, supply, install and maintain analogue and IP solutions to meet your needs. CCTV systems are ideal for monitoring your premises and valuables, both internally and externally
Intruder Alarms – we have NSI Gold for the design, installation and maintenance of intruder Alarm systems. Insure you protect your property from the potentially devastating impact of crime
Alarm Receiving Centre – we can monitor your Intruder and CCTV systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through our Alarm Receiving Centre
Unique ‘Smart Card’ - Unique® is an integrated campus card management system, designed specifically for the education sector - universities, colleges and schools. Students and staff have easy access to exciting applications and benefits on campus, off-site and on-line

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Canine Sniffer Dog Services

At ICTS we can provide Canine sniffer dogs and handlers for all types of operations including:

Security patrol dogs and handler services - for the protection of assets, by providing professional sniffer dog and handler teams to complement or replace existing security measures
Sniffer Dogs and Search Advisor services for explosive detection - we can provide bomb/explosive sniffer dogs and handlers, who are trained to the highest standard for a range of operations and assignments
Sniffer Dogs and Search Advisor services for drug detection – we offer a proactive solution to counter drug activity in and around licensed premises
Medical Detection Dogs and Search Advisor services for bedbug detection - working in partnership with Medical Detection Dogs, we are able to provide a revenue stream to train more Medical Alert Assistance Dogs that can assist individuals and their families
Training of Canine sniffer dogs and handlers - delivered by accredited instructors who are qualified to teach explosive, drug, cash and firearms detection, as well as general purpose police dogs and handlers
Research and development projects - to develop the use of Canine sniffer dogs in various scenarios

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Aviation Security Services

ICTS are the leading suppliers of Aviation Security Services and have been for over 25 years.

Some of our Aviation Services include:

Airlines – we work closely with airlines providing a range of services including airline representation, station management and above wing handlers to a comprehensive array of airline security and compliance solutions
Airports – our services range from full security services to PRM, lost & found, trolley management, vehicle management, car park security and customer services
Airport Terminal Services - recognising that security must be integrated into the overall activity, we optimise the integration between customer service and security
Airline Representation Services - we represent the ‘public face’ of airlines and manage airline service logistics
Cargo Services – we serve as a primary source of information, directives and services in cargo operations worldwide
REST/Rascargo Services - is the best way to clear outsize cargo, solving the problem caused by items that cannot be x-rayed or hand-searched. We provide everything that is required
Aviation Technology – we invest considerable resources in the design and development of new technologies and information systems
Aviation Training -  All ICTS aviation training programs, courses and seminars were developed by our Product Quality Control and Training Department and are for every level and subject

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Mass Transit

Maritime – we have approved-trainer status in the UK and a worldwide reputation as leading ISPS consultants; port and ship security specialists, and supply chain and border security experts
Rail & Road – we offer a full array of mass transit security products which include screening, guarding, patrolling and access control, as well as innovative solutions to freight screening and the integration of security with other processes to improve economy and efficiency

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Technology Solutions

ICTS Europe Systems is an ICTS Europe subsidiary dedicated to the development and deployment of innovative, new technologies.

TravelDoc -  is a computerised Travel Document Verification System that verifies passengers' international travel documentation
Apis Solutions - ICTS Europe Systems is a global leader in the processing and screening of passengers and offers a range of APIS solutions that cater to any and all APIS requirements that are imposed on carriers
Watch List Search & Match - is a cost-effective solution for matching passengers against any given watch list
MCL Falcon - is a web-enabled service, which allows airports/airlines to security-screen their employees by checking them against the TSA NF-SL (no-fly and selectee) watch list
Eagle - is an innovative Computer Based Training platform offering a unique combination of aviation security expertise, extensive training experience, the latest in CBT methodologies and state-of-the-art technology
MCAST - is a recruitment tool that allows you to identify ideal candidates early on in the recruitment process. MCAST can bring cost savings for the business, as well as an improvement in staff retention levels
SMARTQ - is a Queue Management System that enables airport management to acquire detailed real-time information on queue and dwell time along predefined routes, e.g. security line, check-in areas, luggage scanning areas, immigration, passport control, gate or terminal transfer, landside to airside, etc...
Quickturn - is real-time service monitoring of aircraft turnaround. Using PDA devices, the arrival and departure – to and from aircraft – of each of the airlines service providers can be recorded
SMU - is a comprehensive security management suite that allows you to record, monitor, report and analyse a site's security activities and incidents

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